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Workshop on “New Ideas in Strategic Thinking and Management”

IBA celebrated the Strategic Management Forum (SMF) Foundation Day on 21st January 2016 with a half-day workshop on “New Ideas in Strategic Thinking and Management“.
The workshop started with innovation song “Saraswati Vandana” and lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA Bangalore welcomed the august gathering and presented his views on “Viswa Model of Strategic Management”. He said that this idea was originated in the mind of Prof. Krishna Kumar and explained the meaning of Viswa as a combination of ‘Vi’deshi and ‘Swa’deshi. According to him this forum is like a network, a virtual organization. There are no assets of its own its members are its assets. He represented the four lions as the four forces at the global level. He also presented his ideas on “Swastik Model of Strategic Management” and connected it with global level forces. He concluded his idea by sharing a poem, “A start from Lota”.
The keynote address was delivered by Mr. S Vishwanthan, Business Advisor – Kentree (Bangalore) and Secretary – IIM-A Alumni Association and the topic of his presentation was “The possible ways ahead for India – Strategic Thinking and Management”.
He explained about various movements that took place in India since 1947 and their consequences and how did they change the phase of India. He expressed his views on how the judiciary can be used as a strategy. He concluded his note by saying we should look India as one and stop dividing it on caste, creed, religion and cultural basis.
Our next honorable guest was Dr. N S Vishwanath, Director – Bhavan’s Management Research Centre and Principal – M P Birla Institute of Management and his topic was “Strategic Approach to Agri-Business in India”. He divided his speech into two parts; the first part was the analysis of the current picture of business without figures and the second part was the issue that will lead to strategic thoughts. He explained his Effort Theory through various crops like tea, coffee, jute etc. and marked how these industries are declining these days. He also explained the issue of packaging, storage, warehousing and transportation. He concluded his idea by saying “Use economics but with a proper value base”.
Dr. Nandesh V Hiremath, Professor – IBA Bangalore gave a presentation on topic “Personal Branding as a strategy for building career”. After him, Prof. Kannadas, Asst. Professor – IBA Bangalore presented on topic “New Strategic Financial Thoughts” and Prof. Narendra Babu, Asst. Professor – IBA Bangalore presented on topic “Strategic for sustainability”.
The workshop ended with vote of thanks presented by Prof. Monika Anand, Asst. Professor – IBA Bangalore.

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