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Guest Lecture by Mr. Manas Dasgupta, Technology Leader – ANZ Capital on the topic “Innovation in Leadership”

Date: 25th June 2018

The students of IBA were enlightened by Mr. Manas DasguptaTechnology Leader – ANZ Wealth who interacted with them about “Innovation in Leadership.”

Ms. Manas started the session with a brief introduction about himself and his career graph. He talked about the key factors that lead to innovation, the reasons, the triggers and the key ingredients of a true innovation. He went on to specify the qualities of an innovative solution, features it should have and the process or framework that should be followed. He also emphasized about how the Culture and Leadership contribute in shaping up of innovative ideas.

Towards the end, Mr. Manas explained how an idea becomes a saleable idea and how a brilliant idea also can bite the dust if it isn’t saleable.

The session came to an end with vote of thanks by Prof. Suresh V Chandra for Mr. Manas taking time out from his schedule to impart knowledge to IBA students.


Career Lessons in Leadership by Mr. Sunit Rikhi, VP & General Manager (Retd.) – Intel Custom Foundry and Founder – Reach for Infinity, LLC

The students of IBA got the opportunity of interacting with Mr. Sunit Rikhi, VP & General Manager (Retd.) – Intel Custom Foundry and Founder – Reach for Infinity, LLC who came down for delivering a session on “Career Lessons in Leadership”.


Mr. Sunit Rikhi is a renowned expert dealing in:

  • Management assessment and development
  • Leadership in action
  • Organizational culture and in-depth exploration of values in action
  • Organizational design & development
  • Business strategy & execution
  • Semiconductor technology & industry ecosystem

Mr. Sunit Rikhi talked about the various changes through which his professional life went and how it materialized into him reaching to his “Ultimate Goal”. He also enlightened students over the philosophy of how “Leadership is not a goal, it is a reward.”

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