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Guest Lecture by Dr. Sanjay Patro, Professor (Marketing) – XLRI Jamshedpur about “Fundamentals of Marketing & Evolution of its concepts”

Date: 30th June 2017

Facilitated by the IBA Marketing Forum, the students of IBA were enlightened by Dr. Sanjay PatroProfessor – XLRI, Jamshedpur who took a session to empower them with knowledge about “Fundamentals of Marketing and evolution of its concepts”.

Dr. Sanjay‘s discussion with students included important topics like:

  • Marketing basics like 4Ps of Marketing, PESTEL concept, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • How Digital revolution has changed the focus of Marketing efforts
  • How the concepts have changed with change in mindsets, modernization and evolution of society
  • The slow but remarkable shift across industries from “Profit first” to “Customer first”

Towards the end, Dr. Sanjay advised students to embrace the fact that without proper personal marketing, even getting a job is going to be impossible, hence preparations should start now itself so that by the end of 2 years each and every one of them is a distinct marketable product.


Guest Lecture by Ms. Anjana K R, General Manager (HR) – Tata Consultancy Services about “IT Industry, Analytics and the future ahead”

Date: 27th June 2017

The students of IBA had an interactive session with Ms. Anjana K RGeneral Manager (HR), Mr. Strafford Fernanndes, HR Specialist (Campus Recruitment), and Mr. Benjin Samuel, – Tata Consultancy Services who enlightened them about “IT Industry, Analytics and the future ahead”.

Mr. Anjana discussed and interacted with students over important topics like:

  • Turnaround among industries with the rise of Analytics and its implications
  • What changes the IT industry has undergone in the past decade
  • Skill sets that are looked for in fresher MBAs, specially by IT industry
  • The desirable learning curve of an MBA across industries and in IT industry

Ms. Anjana also shared with the students her professional journey and how she moved up the corporate ladder with various assignments, different partners and in distinct markets. She also advised students to take life always one step at a time (with the ultimate goal as a target of course!) and never shy from challenges whatever they may be. The session came to an end with students thanking Ms. Anjana for taking out time from her schedule to impart knowledge and information unto them.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Raja Sameer Nandan M, Vice President (HR) – Voonik on the topic “People aspect in Start-ups”

Date: 26th June 2017

The students of IBA were enlightened by Mr. Raja Sameer Nandan MVice President (HR) – Voonik who took a session to empower them with knowledge about “People aspect in Start-ups”.

Mr. Sameer‘s discussion with students included important topics like:

  • Start-up culture, what to expect from them and what they expect from you as an employee
  • How start-ups operate, the people aspect
  • Funding that start-ups receive, types and what it really means
  • What start-ups put as first priority – Money or People?

Towards the end, Mr. Sameer advised students to focus on empowering their true nature because not everyone’s nature is a fit for start-up culture and some won’t fit in the culture of an established business. With that the informative session came to an end as the students expressed their gratitude unanimously.

Orientation Ceremony of 17th batch at IBA Bangalore

Orientation Ceremony for 17th batch of

“IBA – Bangalore”

21st June, 2017

“Ya Kundendu E, tushaar Haar dhavala, Ya subhra Vastravita,

Ya Veenaam Vardanamandit karo, Ya Shwet Padmasana,

Ya Bramhachyut Shankar Prabhitibhir, Devai Sada Vandata,

Saa Maa Saraawati Bhagwati, Neeshesh Jaadyapaha”

This auspicious day started with the blessings of “Goddess of Knowledge” after the above mentioned quotes of Saraswati Vandana were chanted by the senior batch students and was honoured by lightening of the lamp by respected dignitaries which filled the aura with purity & peace. It was a beautiful morning of 21st June 2017 when the whole IBA family gathered to welcome the 17th batch (2017-19) of IBA, Bangalore for starting a new chapter in their life and bestowing their best wishes on them for the next two years of hard work, determination & perseverance that lay ahead of them. This crucial event is a milestone for the students as it kick starts the 2 years of training they will undergo to become “Future Managers” in the Corporate world. Well known dignitaries of IBA including Chief Guest Mr. A N Chandramouli (Managing Director – Starrag Heckert Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.), Shri B.M.L Jain (Chairman – IBA), Dr. Subhash Sharma (Director – IBA Bangalore) and Mr. Manish Jain (CEO & Founder – IBA Bangalore), along with all the faculty & staff members graced the event with their presence. The ceremony started with Prof. Suresh Chandra welcoming the new students into IBA family. It was followed by Shri B.M.L. Jain and Dr. Subhash Sharma who talked about “Mantras of Success” in the current scenario and explained how management education at IBA helps the cause. Subsequently, the members of Faculty and Staff took turns, introducing themselves to the new students, who in turn introduced themselves to the gathering. It was now time to end the event by thanking all those who were present which was well presented by Prof. Ramesh S with a hope that the new batch will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors to strive hard and raise the bar of academic achievements within and beyond the Institute at various levels.

International Yoga Day celebration at IBA Bangalore on 21st June 2017

Date: 21st June 2017

On the eve of International Yoga Day, IBA Bangalore celebrated the occassion with a session on Osmotic Meditation guided by Dr. Subhash Sharma (Director – IBA Bangalore) followed by practicing of a few “asanas” which were guided by Ms. Radha Srinivasan (Yoga Trainer). The session was attended by the students of IBA, as well as its Faculty & Staff members.

Interaction with Dr. Michael Zirkler (Zurich university) and Dr. Yung Pin Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


Date: 30th August 2016

It was an enlightening session by Dr. Michael Zerkler, Head of Section, Organisation Development & Consulting – Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Dr. Yung Pin Lu, Director, Leadership Development Programme – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who in spite of their busy schedules came to IBA and interacted with the students.


It was an enlightening session where they informed students of the various approaches followed in Switzerland and China in the Education system, Economic issues, Government policies, etc.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Rajeswari Santhanam, Associate Director (Tax) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Divyang Trivedi, Manager (Tax) – Grant Thorton on the topic “Career choices and Career in Tax”

IMG_5798 (2)

Date: 30th June 2016

It was an informative lecture by Ms. Rajeswari Santhanam, Associate Director (Tax) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Divyang Trivedi, Manager (Tax) – Grant Thorton, who made room in their busy schedule to come down to IBA and interact with students over “Career choices and Career in Tax.”

Ms. Rajeswari and Mr. Divyang initiated the session by discussing with students the facts, based on which they should make career choices. They also briefed students a little about Grant Thorton’s Tax services. They then went on with the core of the session and educated students about important topics like:

  • Tax Industry overview
  • Why is Tax collected
  • Origin & Types of Taxes
  • Reason behind jobs in Tax industry
  • Qualities of a person in Tax industry
  • Benefits & Rewards of a Career in Tax
  • Myths & Realities about a Career in Tax

Towards the end there was a Q & A session also, in which students asked some very impressive questions about Union Budget, Tax planning and other questions regarding the Tax industry which both Ms. Rajeswari and Mr. Divyang answered amicably and comprehensively.

“Basics of Auditing” – Guest Lecture by Mr. Sadasiva Sarma D, Associate Director (Audit) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Maneesh Chandra Verma, Manager (Audit) – Grant Thorton


Date: 29th June 2016

It was an informative lecture by Mr. Sadasiva Sarma D, Associate Director (Audit) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Maneesh Chandra Verma, Manager (Audit) – Grant Thorton, who in spite of their busy schedule came to IBA and took a session over “Basics of Auditing.”

Mr. Sadasiva and Mr. Maneesh started off the session briefing students about Grant Thorton and the work culture followed there. They then went on with the core of the session and educated students about important topics like:

  • Why is Auditing done – Need, Advantages & Regulations
  • Audit Industry overview
  • Definition & Types of Audit
  • Role of an Auditor
  • Auditing stages
  • Qualities of an Auditor

Towards the end there was a Q & A session also, in which students asked lot of doubts and queries they had regarding the Auditing industry as well as the Financial Consulting industry on the whole which both Mr. Sadasiva and Mr. Maneesh answered amicably and comprehensively.

Industry Visit – Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Date: 22 nd – 23 rd June, 2016

Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd., Jigani Link Road, Bangalore

Prof. Gourish and Prof. Nandeesh along with students of 2016 – 18 batch went to visit the factory of Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd. built at Jigani Link Road, Bangalore. The visit was a first of its kind for the students and helped them experience & understand the processes of production in an FMCG factory.

The students were given the tour inside the Production as well as the Packaging area and were briefed about the Process, Machinery, Packaging, Quality and Marketing. Prior to this, students were also given company introduction as well as a brief about the product range.

In the end, everyone was provided a new product sample and were also asked for an individual feedback.

Mr. B Venkataramana, President – Group HR, Landmark Group in an interactive session with IBA students


Date: 28th June 2016

The students of IBA were enlightened by Mr. B Venkataramana, President – Group HR, Landmark Group who took a session to empower them with knowledge about “HR best practices.”

Mr. Venkataramana‘s discussion with students included important topics like:

  • How every manager in a company is an HR manager
  • How HR policies set the work culture in a company
  • Enhancing company brand value through HR best practices
  • Approach towards employees in the Landmark group
  • Initiatives by Landmark group to enhance skills of its employees

Mr. Venkataramana also cited on various occasions examples from his own life experiences while working in various companies to demonstrate how and what kind of message goes to employees in each case.

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