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Galaxy War 13



 “When you know better,  you do better.” 

                                                       ― Maya Angelou

 Galaxy war is an Annual Quiz contest conducted by Club COSMOS every year. It is really glad for us for the response we have got for the Galaxy war ’13. We hope every participant had an experience which tested their mettle and knowledge. It is a great pleasure for the Galaxy war team for having such a great response and enthusiasm which was held by the participants throughout the session.

20 teams were selected for the Galaxy War based on the registrations, as first come first serve basis. Out of 20 teams, 18 teams (Each having 3 members) were present for the event. Each team is allotted a Galaxy name as team names. And, Rs. 30/- is collected as a registration fee for every team, which was donated to HOPE foundation. The event was conducted on 3rd January 2012 and was started at 10.00 PM . The event is planned with 4 rounds, including final round.

First round was conducted with three phases, which is paper based, followed by second round which is also paper based. Out of 18 teams, 6 teams were eliminated after second round based on overall scores of first two rounds. Third round which is a media based round is conducted for 12 teams in two phases which is also a paper based round.  After third round, 6 teams were eliminated based on overall scores since first round. 6 teams proceeded to the final round. Final round is a practical round, which tests the products, brand knowledge and the awareness of the life of business tycoons. The final round is conducted with two phases. Based the overall scores,  of the teams since the first round,  Winner team and Runner team are declared. The overall marks of the teams that made up to the final round are


With 115 marks Team 14 has been a winner and with 112 marks Team 10 was a runner. Club COSMOS congratulate both the teams for such a wonderful and brilliant performance. The prize money,  being Rs. 3000/- was shared between the two teams as, Winner team got Rs. 2000/- and for Runner team it is Rs. 1000/-.



We hope we would have such brilliant sessions and events in future too. The only theme on which Team COSMOS works is the development and testing the knowledge and its richness. We really appreciate every participant who had shown such a great enthusiasm in the event and we hope they would prove their talent in the future events also. And we must thank each and every participant and our team members, faculty for making this event such a great success.


Please feel free to drop your feedback on our website, so that we can perform at the best in Archish 13.








Galaxy War for Batch 12-14

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect……..

Thanks to cosmos club that it gone have Galaxy War with lots of cheers and fun in the campus for New Year

Galaxy War

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