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“Udghosh” (Newsletter) Committee launch on 31st July 2014

“Udghosh” (Newsletter) Committee launch on 31st July 2014





Hi Guys,

Acharya Bangalore Business School is organizing BiZoMaNia 2012 an Inter College National Fest on 20th and 21st of this Month. So we, The Newsletter Committee has put together a team of 8 who will be representing IBA and making us all proud with their skills and talents.

Following are the 8 rising star who will be participating in different verticals.

1) Rajesh Komma and Sasmita Subudhi will be juggling with rupee, dollar, zen, euro and other currencies in the Finance Vertical- Finevangelist

2) Meenakshi Gupta & Somlata Sahu will be solving case studies and participating in  oh so many Management games in the HR Vertical-Perspicacity

3) Abhjeet Bhatt & Nikhil Sheavaramani will be selling products in the Marketing Vertical- Cornucopia

4) Prateek Das & Rajeev Ranjan will be showing their undisputable talents in the CSR Activity- Philanthrope

Here is a quote only for you guys’

Never let the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you deeply care about.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

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Newsletter: A Brief Introduction

When we say Newsletter the first thing that comes in our mind is News or something new. Whether it is on one particular topic or different topics, whether it is  done via electronic means or on a paper the objective of Newsletter is to keep people informed about the day to day happenings or events. Therefore we the Newsletter committee of the 11-13 batch will keep updating you guys out there  and also the guys in here regarding different events that happens in Amchi College. This college being a Mini India or in Dean Sir’s words Indiapura keeps giving us surprises and memories to cherish and it only gets better when we share them with others. What better way of doing it than this? Whether it is a professional event like fests or seminars or  festivals like Diwali or Ramzan we will keep you updated and informed as to how we celebrated it the IBA way.

We also take a moment to say goodbye to our seniors of the 10-12 batch and ask them not to miss us much as they will find most of IBA in here.

For Now,

Adios Amigos

Will be back with the first Newsletter event and all about it in a jiffy.


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