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The Annual National Level Management Fest

Archish’13 : Tsangpo

Archish’13 : Tsangpo

“Archish” means The Beam of Light. The beam of light reflects the focus of attention on new corporate awakening influenced by new management thought, new social discourse, concerns and issues related to current corporate functioning, performing and importance towards social and environmental responsibility.

Archish 13

The theme for Archish’13 is “Tsangpo”. Tsangpo is the river which is being shared by India & China. In India it is known as Brahmaputra. As the water flows from china to India it changes its direction, nature, shape & adapts to the situation, it is in. Archish 13 platform provides an opportunity to test the adaptability of a person in terms of changing economies, market structure etc.

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IT Vertical in Archish’12

IT Vertical in Archish’12


Instruction for best management team

Any confusion with regard to best managment team competition, contact Ankur khanna on

Case Study for the Best Management Team

Please find enclosed the case study for the best management team. This is a live case study and apart from the prize money, the company itself is willing to additionally reward the best set of recommendations and offer a summer internship / offer for an interview at the company.

There are two files

The case

The brochure

What defines Archish’12 “FESTINATIO”?

IT Event, Dominus De Novarum

IT events will be the most innovative and challenging till now.

Participants will be facing all rounds with fun and excitement as it goes with our theme.

What defines Archish’12 “FESTINATIO”?

Festinatio on 16 & 17 march

Archish’12 will unfold on march 16 and 17, continuing its promise to deliver something new & exciting each time, every time.

Archish 12 i.e festinatio is  a complete surprise which is definitely going to be an exciting and an enjoying Managment Fest to be held at IBA Bangalore.

It will reveal its new avatar which will completely change the concept of Management Fests.

Yes, the team is ON !, which has started executing this altogether new concept of festinatio…


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