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CIP (Corporate Internship Project) Viva Batch 2017-19

Date: 14th & 15th July 2018

Each year, Alumni with work experience of 8 or more years are invited to evaluate the Internship project taken up by the students. This year we had Navin Patel (01-03), Nitin Sail (03-05), Shine Chandran (03-05), Anant Sagar (03-05), Sandhya Nambiar (04-06), Aatika Ansari (06-08), Makrand Patwardhan (07-09), Jyoti Sinha (07-09), Arnab Mandal (07-09), Siddarthi N (07-09), Deepak Badera (07-09), Sambit Mishra (07-09), Nilay Shrivastav (08-10). Quiet many appreciated the quality of Projetcs undertaken.

Thanks to all the Alumni for lending their weekend for the Internship Evaluation of the 2017-19 batch as well as all their inputs to students and feedback to the member of Faculty pertaining to Industry and students performance.


IBA Blogs…Lots of blogs

Folks, please come to the IBA Blog site and see the number of blogs that the students and the alumni are maintaining. Some are informational, some are witty and some are emotional.

Do come and boost their morale. There who you were and who you will be…people with ideas and opinions…but never silent.

There are some new posts, (navigators are there, now) but the authors have not yet set up their connection to the facebook page. I have sent them instructions.

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