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Infin’IT club launch 12-14

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Industrial Visit to Avasarala Technologies Pvt ltd



International Conference 2013 Brochure

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CIO, Redington at IBA Bangalore

It was great to host Mr. Clynton Almeida, CIO, Redington on 14th December 2012 at IBA Bangalore campus.
The event was started with plantation of a sampling named “Life tree” by Mr. Clynton Almeida.


Mr. Clynton Almeida was taken for a campus tour with Prof. Chandra Kant, Dr. Byra Reddy & Richa Sarna. He expressed his happiness by seeing our concept of 3D, Amphi Theatre and the beautiful green campus.
He then progressed towards the gathering. He addressed the students for around 90 minutes with lot of insights about various aspects of organisation. The topic of discussion was “IT  Strategy in Alignment of Corporate Strategy“. He shared his experience about various obstacles & barriers come in aligning both the strategies.
Campus Visit

Campus Tour with Clynton Almeida

He discussed many things starting from Redington’s journey from 150cr to 20,000cr, its core competences, strengths, how is it different from its competitors, Risk mitigation strategies, Business Continuity process, Disaster Recovery, BYOD, Virtualisation, Dynamics of distribution etc.

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IBA International Conference

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Archish’13 : Tsangpo

Archish’13 : Tsangpo

“Archish” means The Beam of Light. The beam of light reflects the focus of attention on new corporate awakening influenced by new management thought, new social discourse, concerns and issues related to current corporate functioning, performing and importance towards social and environmental responsibility.

Archish 13

The theme for Archish’13 is “Tsangpo”. Tsangpo is the river which is being shared by India & China. In India it is known as Brahmaputra. As the water flows from china to India it changes its direction, nature, shape & adapts to the situation, it is in. Archish 13 platform provides an opportunity to test the adaptability of a person in terms of changing economies, market structure etc.

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Views of the “MS Excel Week” winners

Club Infin’IT has conducted a very good session. The pace, spirit and enthusiasm of the session was kept constant throughout the session. The quiz programs that were conducted regularly were really good and kept our enthusiasm at peaks. We have learnt many unknown aspects of MS excel and which are very useful to us in the fore coming life.

The basic concepts we learnt created an enthusiasm in us in order to develop those concepts and gain access to higher grounds of excel. The quiz program that was conducted on the last day made us to be aware of the concepts we have learnt throughout the whole session.

We are glad that we stood as winners of the quiz program and we are gladder that we have gained a good knowledge of the session. The previous session on Power point was also very good which gave us the knowledge of many things that lied in the depths of the power point and which are very useful to us.

Even though it was a herculean task to conduct session for a whole week, that too in late hours, after a tiresome day, our Infin’IT team has made the session interactive and enthusiastic.  We hope Infin’IT would conduct many other sessions and make us knowledgeable on every aspect of IT.

Thanks to Club Infin’IT.

Winning Team consisted of Satish, Sharath, Ajay, Ankita, Monika. Batch 12-14, IBA Bangalore

MS Excel Week for 12-14

MS Excel Week

Day 1: 16th October 2012

Cell formatting

Day 2: 17th October 2012

Paste special followed by a practical test

Day 3: 18th October 2012

Conditional formatting

Day 4: 19th October 2012


Alumni Speak: Amrita Phadnis on Blogging

Ms Amrita talked about how to create blogs, various types of blogs and then focussed on how to market a blog.

Session on MS Outlook 2010 by Infin’IT

Outlook Session by Infin'IT

Outlook Session by Infin’IT

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