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Guest Lecture by Ms. Rajeswari Santhanam, Associate Director (Tax) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Divyang Trivedi, Manager (Tax) – Grant Thorton on the topic “Career choices and Career in Tax”

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Date: 30th June 2016

It was an informative lecture by Ms. Rajeswari Santhanam, Associate Director (Tax) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Divyang Trivedi, Manager (Tax) – Grant Thorton, who made room in their busy schedule to come down to IBA and interact with students over “Career choices and Career in Tax.”

Ms. Rajeswari and Mr. Divyang initiated the session by discussing with students the facts, based on which they should make career choices. They also briefed students a little about Grant Thorton’s Tax services. They then went on with the core of the session and educated students about important topics like:

  • Tax Industry overview
  • Why is Tax collected
  • Origin & Types of Taxes
  • Reason behind jobs in Tax industry
  • Qualities of a person in Tax industry
  • Benefits & Rewards of a Career in Tax
  • Myths & Realities about a Career in Tax

Towards the end there was a Q & A session also, in which students asked some very impressive questions about Union Budget, Tax planning and other questions regarding the Tax industry which both Ms. Rajeswari and Mr. Divyang answered amicably and comprehensively.


“Basics of Auditing” – Guest Lecture by Mr. Sadasiva Sarma D, Associate Director (Audit) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Maneesh Chandra Verma, Manager (Audit) – Grant Thorton


Date: 29th June 2016

It was an informative lecture by Mr. Sadasiva Sarma D, Associate Director (Audit) – Grant Thorton and Mr. Maneesh Chandra Verma, Manager (Audit) – Grant Thorton, who in spite of their busy schedule came to IBA and took a session over “Basics of Auditing.”

Mr. Sadasiva and Mr. Maneesh started off the session briefing students about Grant Thorton and the work culture followed there. They then went on with the core of the session and educated students about important topics like:

  • Why is Auditing done – Need, Advantages & Regulations
  • Audit Industry overview
  • Definition & Types of Audit
  • Role of an Auditor
  • Auditing stages
  • Qualities of an Auditor

Towards the end there was a Q & A session also, in which students asked lot of doubts and queries they had regarding the Auditing industry as well as the Financial Consulting industry on the whole which both Mr. Sadasiva and Mr. Maneesh answered amicably and comprehensively.

Industry Visit – Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Date: 22 nd – 23 rd June, 2016

Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd., Jigani Link Road, Bangalore

Prof. Gourish and Prof. Nandeesh along with students of 2016 – 18 batch went to visit the factory of Garuda Polyflex Foods Pvt. Ltd. built at Jigani Link Road, Bangalore. The visit was a first of its kind for the students and helped them experience & understand the processes of production in an FMCG factory.

The students were given the tour inside the Production as well as the Packaging area and were briefed about the Process, Machinery, Packaging, Quality and Marketing. Prior to this, students were also given company introduction as well as a brief about the product range.

In the end, everyone was provided a new product sample and were also asked for an individual feedback.

Mr. B Venkataramana, President – Group HR, Landmark Group in an interactive session with IBA students


Date: 28th June 2016

The students of IBA were enlightened by Mr. B Venkataramana, President – Group HR, Landmark Group who took a session to empower them with knowledge about “HR best practices.”

Mr. Venkataramana‘s discussion with students included important topics like:

  • How every manager in a company is an HR manager
  • How HR policies set the work culture in a company
  • Enhancing company brand value through HR best practices
  • Approach towards employees in the Landmark group
  • Initiatives by Landmark group to enhance skills of its employees

Mr. Venkataramana also cited on various occasions examples from his own life experiences while working in various companies to demonstrate how and what kind of message goes to employees in each case.

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) Orientation session for PGDM batch 2016-18


Date: 28th June 2016

The students of IBA were introduced by Ms. Bhumika Jain, Consultant – NEN Regional Office, Bangalore, who took this session to introduce the students to NEN as well as the Myths and Facts related to Entrepreneurship. The session was in continuation to the MoU between IBA and NEN for joint Entrepreneurship Education Programs.

Ms. Bhumika first gave the students an overview of the parent group Wadhwani Foundation and its various initiatives (NEN being one of them). She later on briefed them about the various activities that the students will go through as part Entrepreneurship Education programs. She also gave the students glimpses of the activities conducted in the past under the NEN banner in collaboration with various institues.

The session was also an interactive discussion with students on topics like:

  • Finding the true motivation inside oneself
  • The true meaning of being an entrepreneur
  • Changes the across industries because of visionary entrepreneurs

Mr. D A Jayakumar, Associate Vice President – Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. interacting with IBA students


Date: 24th June 2016

The students of IBA were enlightened by Mr. D A Jayakumar, Associate Vice President – Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. who took a session to empower them with knowledge about “FMCG and the Food & Beverages Industry”.

Mr. Jayakumar‘s discussion with students included important topics like:

  • Industrial Relations, Negotiating with labour unions and relevant Labour laws
  • The philosophy behind Coca-Cola’s work culture and Market strategy
  • Policies which are practiced in order to retain and enhance brand value
  • Approach towards different regional markets and consumers in India
  • Thought process and initiatives by Coca-Cola as part of their Social responsibility

Towards the end, Mr. Jayakumar advised students to focus on Career and not just Job, because a focus on the former gives the necessary momentum to one’s professional growth and brings the best out of us. In the end, it was clearly visible from the sparkling faces of students that their thirst for knowledge was truly quenched with this session.

International Yoga Day celebration at IBA Bangalore

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Date: 21st June 2016

On the eve of International Yoga Day, IBA Bangalore celebrated the morning with a session on Osmotic Meditation guided by Dr. Subhash Sharma (Director – IBA Bangalore) followed by practicing of Yoga “asanas” which were guided by Ms. Radha Srinivasan (Yoga Trainer). The session was attended by the students of IBA as well as its Faculty & Staff members.

IBA Bangalore renames its auditorium to Aadarsh Memorial Auditorium


Mr. Aadarsh KuIBAmar was a student of Batch 2012-14 at IBA Bangalore. He was placed in ICICI Securities from campus. Within a year of his service there, he was promoted thrice and was seen as a rising star. Unfortunately, on 29th April 2015, this star was eclipsed in a fatal accident. Indus Business Academy, in consultation with the batch of 2012-14 decided to honour his memory by renaming its flagship auditorium after him.

Mr. Krishna Singh, Business Segment Manager – Kuehne Nagel in an interactive session with IBA students


Date: 18th June 2016

The students of IBA got the opportunity of interacting with Mr. Krishna Singh, Business Segment Manager – Kuehne Nagel who came down and took a session titled “Career Advice for future Managers”.

Mr. Krishna discussed the session around few important tips to students for future career:

  • Don’t just plan, take action too
  • Always believe in your capabilities
  • Surviving on your own is difficult, have friends, keep networking
  • Do not give up, keep fighting
  • Keep learning, always keep growing
  • Set a goal, work hard to achieve it and don’t lose focus until you accomplish it

Towards the end, there was a Q & A session, during which students asked their doubts regarding specialization choices, job profile specifications, logistics & supply chain discipline, etc. In the end, the session was truly inspirational and motivational for the students as they described it themselves.

Orientation Ceremony of 16th batch at IBA Bangalore


Orientation Ceremony for 16th batch of

“IBA – Bangalore”

14th June, 2016

“Ya Kundendu E, tushaar Haar dhavala, Ya subhra Vastravita,

Ya Veenaam Vardanamandit karo, Ya Shwet Padmasana,

Ya Bramhachyut Shankar Prabhitibhir, Devai Sada Vandata,

Saa Maa Saraswati Bhagwati, Neeshesh Jaadyapaha”

This auspicious day started with the blessings of “Goddess of Knowledge” after the above-mentioned quotes of Saraswati Vandana were chanted by the senior batch student Kumari Kavita and was honoured by the lightening of the lamp by respected dignitaries which filled the aura with purity & peace. It was a beautiful morning of 14th June 2014 when the whole IBA family gathered to welcome the 16th batch (20016-18) of IBA, Bangalore for starting a new chapter in their life and bestowing their best wishes on them for the next two years of hard work, determination & perseverance that lay ahead of them. This crucial event is a milestone for the students as it kick-starts the 2 years of training they will undergo to become “Future Managers” in the Corporate world. Well known dignitaries of IBA including Chief Guest Mr. T R Parasuraman (Deputy Managing Director & Member of Board – Toyota Industries Engine Pvt. Ltd.), Shri B.M.L Jain (Chairman – IBA), Dr. Subhash Sharma (Director – IBA Bangalore) and Mr. Manish Jain (CEO & Founder – IBA Bangalore), along with all the faculty & staff members graced the event with their presence. The ceremony started with Prof. Suresh Chandra welcoming the new students into IBA family. It was followed by Shri B.M.L. Jain and Dr. Subhash Sharma who talked about “Mantras of Success” in the current scenario and explained how management education at IBA helps the cause. Subsequently, the members of Faculty and Staff took turns, introducing themselves to the new students, who in turn introduced themselves to the gathering. It was now time to end the event by thanking all those who were present which was well presented by Prof. Ramesh S with a hope that the new batch will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors to strive hard and raise the bar of academic achievements within and beyond the Institute at various levels.

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