“Innovation & Work practices for Success” by Mr. Suraj Chettri, Regional HR Director – Airbus Group India

DSC00157 Mr. Suraj Chettri,Regional HR Director at Airbus Group India had a session  with the students regarding ‘Innovation and Work practices for Success’. Mr.  Suraj is aleading HR Professional with nearly 20 years of experience in a variety  of industries spanning across specialist HR functions.

The session started off with Mr. Suraj presenting a video about his company:  Airbus, and the technological innovations which it had been developing. He then  went on to detail the keynotes for success in the corporate world. He stressed that  in the modern world it is a must to adapt to the changing trends in technology and  to communicate effectively.

He reiterated that before trying to solve any problem one should pay more  attention at analysing root cause (or can it be solved by common sense?) and that even though skills are prized, but appropriate behaviour along with it is also very essential to fit in your organisation. He justified the thought process of companies which puts its employees in the worst situations as this methodology brings out the best in every person.

Towards the end Mr. Suraj discussed the importance of exploring one’s own value system as well as the company’s before going for any job, because a mismatch would result in compromise which will hamper efficiency and productivity of the person. He urged the students to work as true professionals; realising their skills also as resources and squeezing the best out of these resources.


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