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MBA in Finance? by Mr. Vivek Gupta, Finance Controller at Helion Ventures

2014-07-14 17.15.13 Mr. Vivek Gupta,Finance Controller at Helion Ventures had an  interactive session with the students of IBA with a talk on his ‘Venture  Capital and other Financial Aspects’. His professional life in Heading  finance function of the company and Handling complete gamut of  business finance.

Mr. Gupta opened his talk by introducing himself and about the  Organization to the audience. His topic of discussion was about how do  you get capital to start Business? And explained the concept  about Money lenders, Bank and 3F’s.

Mr. Gupta covered various concepts of Finance such as Business Idea, Market Opportunity, Team and Capital. And gave example of Mast Kalandar (70 Branches across four cities in India) – Client of Helion Venture.

Mr. Gupta shared the experience about the Characteristics of Financial Aspects (Long time horizon, Lack of liquidity, High risk, Equity participation, Participation in Management), Business Building Cycle, Types of Funding (Angel, Venture Capital, Debt, IPO and Private Equity) and Venture Capital Investment Process (Screening, Evaluation and Approval). Example like Flipkart and Makemytrip.

He concluded his session by giving some tips on Right time for attracting investment – Business Model, Traction and Use of Fund and gave the example of Case study of Skype and Makemytrip. And ends the session with a bag of Knowledge Sharing and Experience.


Mr. Guru Prasanna, Director – Analytics at Flipkart in conversation with IBAns

Mr. Guru Prasanna,Director – Analytics at Flipkart had an interactive session with the students of IBA with a talk on his ‘Career Learnings ’. Mr. Guru is an alumni of IIT, Kharagpur & MIT and has spent most of his professional life in Analytics and E-commerce.

The sesDSC_0070sion was initiated with Mr. Guru taking the students down the  roads of his career and elaborated simultaneously the importance of  planning before taking decisions concerning career. He also stressed  that it is never intelligent to work without multiple options. If one is  focussed towards one career path, he should give his best efforts to  achieve it but should be open to follow other related ones as well; there  should always be a Plan B!

Subsequently Mr. Guru went on to elaborate regarding career choice;  he suggested students to do things which they are naturally good at,  which they love and urged them to maintain self-awareness. He  advised students to keep close tabs with seniors as harnessing their choices can provide valuable insights for one’s decision making. He also emphasized over building blocks for career; like experiences in life that might not necessarily be sweet, but will give lot of meaningful learning to shape our career path.

Towards the end Mr. Guru advised the students to never stop learning and started detailing over profile of people required in Analytics. He said that asking questions is always good but asking the right question is the most important tool for an Analytics person. The session came to an end with Mr. Guru urging the students to grab every opportunity that can connect them with industry.

“Innovation & Work practices for Success” by Mr. Suraj Chettri, Regional HR Director – Airbus Group India

DSC00157 Mr. Suraj Chettri,Regional HR Director at Airbus Group India had a session  with the students regarding ‘Innovation and Work practices for Success’. Mr.  Suraj is aleading HR Professional with nearly 20 years of experience in a variety  of industries spanning across specialist HR functions.

The session started off with Mr. Suraj presenting a video about his company:  Airbus, and the technological innovations which it had been developing. He then  went on to detail the keynotes for success in the corporate world. He stressed that  in the modern world it is a must to adapt to the changing trends in technology and  to communicate effectively.

He reiterated that before trying to solve any problem one should pay more  attention at analysing root cause (or can it be solved by common sense?) and that even though skills are prized, but appropriate behaviour along with it is also very essential to fit in your organisation. He justified the thought process of companies which puts its employees in the worst situations as this methodology brings out the best in every person.

Towards the end Mr. Suraj discussed the importance of exploring one’s own value system as well as the company’s before going for any job, because a mismatch would result in compromise which will hamper efficiency and productivity of the person. He urged the students to work as true professionals; realising their skills also as resources and squeezing the best out of these resources.

Lessons from Mahabharata: Ms. Rekha Santosh, Head – Retail HR at ING Vysya Bank

DSC00124 Ms. Rekha Santosh, Head – Retail HR at ING Vysya Bankinteracted with  students over the topic ‘Best HR practices and Emerging trends’. Ms. Rekha is a  seasoned HR Professional with over 12+ years of experience in Financial / Service  industry spanning across specialist functions like Comp & Ben, Recruitments and  Business partnering.

Ms. Rekha started off the session by asking students regarding the reason for them  doing MBA and went on to elaborate that it is of no use to be doing something if  we don’t love it or are not passionate about. She went on to detail the students  about the “Arjuna Moment”, when person does something exemplary and the  world around stands up to recognise and appreciate their feat. She also  emphasised about the importance of Networking and how important it is to earn  respect of peers.

Ms. Rekha then pointed out that Failure is not a matter abomination anymore, but it is important to learn from our failures because that is going to make us a better professional as well as a better person which ultimately paves way to growth and better opportunities. She reiterated the importance to keep learning all along life and be adaptive, because the world is changing rapidly; specially owing to Technology and hence who keep learning will ever remain in demand.

At the end Ms. Rekha discussed about the current emerging trends in the market and opined that Technology, Customer focussed services, Flat organisation hierarchy, Skill based hiring and High emergence of entrepreneurs were some of the trends to look out for. She concluded the session by giving advice to students about the growth sectors in India and expressed that those looking for high growth rate should be looking towards opportunities in Infrastructure and Retail where as those looking for a steady growth should be looking into Banking, Insurance or Data Analytics space. In the end she congratulated students for making the correct choice of doing MBA now as growth prospects are rife and Fresher hiring is the buzz word in most of the industries these days.

Introduction to Corporate World by Mr. Srikanth G _ Regional Training Manager at Times Group

DSC00087 Mr. Srikkanth G – Regional Training Manager at Times Group. He has  10+ years of handful of experience in the field of Sales Training, Digital Marketing,  Soft Skills, Personal Coaching and Life Insurance. He addressed IBA Students  about Introduction to the Corporate World.

He opened his talk by introducing himself to the audience. His topic of discussion  was the experience he has with corporate world, Interact with people and Time  Management.

Mr. Srikkanth explained that the corporate world or real world is about? He  started with tagging how to step in a corporate world, how to interact people who  work in corporate, what are the benefits of the corporate and Characteristics of  HR. And gave example of the Top most companies like IBM, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and INTEL.

He concluded his session by giving some suggestion on how to create wow factor, handling politics and ends the session with a bag of Knowledge Sharing.






38 years of rich experience sharing session by Mr. Vrishabhendra Swamy – Vice President at ABB

2014-07-07 11.22.15 Mr. Vrishabhendra Swamy – Vice President at ABB (India and South  Africa). He has 38 years of handful of experience in the field of Design,  Application, Order handling, Commissioning Engineer, Power Generation,  Transmission, Automation Segment, AC/DC Drive System, High Power Rectifiers  and Static Excitation System . He addressed IBA Students about Engineering  Industries expectations from PGDM.

Mr. Swamy opened his talk by introducing himself and about the Organization to t  the audience. His topic of discussion was about six core values i.e., Creativity,  Innovation, Continuous change, Business Ethics, Extrovertism and Attitude.

Mr. Swamy covered various concepts such as Individual Skills, Individual Goals, Perspective (Individual and Work Environment), Tuning in attitude from Student life to Business life, Code of Conduct, Time, Effort and Money. And gave example of ISO Auditors / ISO Inspection.

Mr. Swamy shared the experience how the ABB works for entry level. For fresher the company assigned various multi-tasking especially company concentrate on sales and marketing by providing various training like operations, testing, communication skills and every quarterly the company evaluate the performance of the employee.

He concluded his session by giving some suggestion on to be clear what best to do? How you will move from good to best? Example of Mr. Azim Premji (WIPRO) and ends the session with a bag of Knowledge and Experience Sharing.

My Expectation as Recruiter by Mr. Kasi Vishwanath, Director & Head – Group HR, IKYA Group

??????????????????????????????? Mr. Kasi Viswanath – Director & Head – Group HR at IKYA  Group.
He has 16+ years of handful of experience in the field of  HR and Talent Engagement. He addressed IBA Students about Real  World for MBA’s.

He opened his talk by introducing himself to the audience. His  topic of discussion was Strong Theoretical base, Appreciate of  Practical reality and Achievement Oriented.

Mr. Kasi explained that the theoretical base is very important for  Practical Reality to Achieve in a real world. He also explained how  the real world expectation of level of service required? And gave example of the Hindi Movie “3 IDIOTS”.

He concluded his session by giving some tips on what they won’t teach you @ IBA such as Dealing with Ambiguity, Political Savvy, Managerial Courage, and Executive Presence. Example of Bhopal gas tragedy, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon and ends the session with a bag of Knowledge Sharing and Experience.

Ice breaking session for the New batch by Mr. S Prasada Rao: Corporate Trainer: HR & NLP

2014-07-03 10.28.36 It was an  interactive session where the students were involved in various  activities  like Bridging Game, Memory Game etc. and  also he gave the  example of  Swami  Vivekananda “Education is  Manifestation  for perfection” He covered various aspects of a Management Program such as  Corporate  Excellence, Time Management Techniques, 5M’s, LPG  Concept etc. He concluded his session by giving some tips on Qualities to Possess /  Equip with  such as Meritorious Academic Excellence, Career  Aspirations, Personal Talent  and  Skill Sets, Professional Skills, Business Skills, Corporate Culture / Corporate  Etiquette. Example of Arjuna in Mahabharata ends the session with a bag of learning.

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