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Navigators October newsletter

Club Navigators has come up with the newsletter for the month of October with latest financial news, Financial terms and their meanings and related articles

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Barcodes October newsletter

Club Barcodes has come up with ‘Gondola’, the newsletter for the month of October with face of the month, Article mania, Alumni achievements, SIP experiences of 12-14, Latest retail news.

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Infin’IT October newsletter

Here comes the newsletter of Infin’IT for the month of October with interesting interviews, recent trends in IT industry, puzzles and with much more interesting stuff.

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Navigators Club Activities from July till September ’13

Navigators kick started its activities for the year 12-13 on 24th July, 2013 with a formal club launch.  The core committee members were introduced and our mentor, Prof. Ramesh addressed the gathering. This was followed by a quiz competition.


Basics of Accountancy (August 3rd,2013)

The first session was about accountancy and financial statements, targeted at non commerce students. The objective was to acquaint the non-commerce students with basics of accountancy so that their understanding of financial statements gets better and therefore, can actively participate in the upcoming activities. The turnout was good and enthusiastic. The basics of Journal entries, Ledger accounts, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet were discussed in the session.

Financial System – Markets, Institutions and Intermediaries (September 22nd,2013).

The second session was on Financial System – Markets, Institutions, and Intermediaries. The financial system, its functions, characteristics and importance were discussed. This was the first session in a series of 4 sessions. The succeeding sessions would concentrate on Markets, Institutions and Intermediaries. This will be followed by a game of ‘Mock Stock’, a dummy game on stock trading.

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