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Hope day with orphanage kids

Sometimes it feels like life has given us very little. We won’t be able to understand how lucky we are until and unless we see what life intends to show us.

There are some children who are living in an orphanage because they don’t have anybody in this world to take care of, and are ignorant that they are affected by some or the other major disease and who can’t lead a normal life like all of us.

It would be considerable if one has taken the initiative to keep those children happy, but it would be more appreciable if an institution and the students take initiative to see happiness which equals to tons of blessing at a time, in the eyes of the children like them.

This is the first initiative of PGDM 12-14 to bring the orphanage kids of ‘Desire Society’ to the college on the HOPE Day and it was successful. It was such a wonderful day with such special kids and fun with them was simply awesome. The prime motto was to be so kind and good to them and to make them feel special and yes it did happen. Many activities were organized  such as Introduction,Dance Competition, Painting Competition, Games, Talent Show, Teachings through videos and many more. It was such a delight to see all the children gathering for a prayer before they had their lunch. The star event of the day was “Rakshabandhan” where the orphan girls tied rakhi to the boys of IBA college and the same being done by girls of IBA college to the orphan boys, which was done to assure that those children are not orphans anymore as they got a big family now. The day ended with the plantation of a tree sapling with those small hands and cutting of the cake.It was such a blessing to spend hope day with kids.

Manish Jain Sir, Richa Sarna Ma’am, all the faculty and Staff members gave their extended support for this event. Prof. Suresh Chandra was there for the entire day and had fun with those children. Students of PGDM 13-15 and PGDM 12-14 showed care and love towards those kids and made sure that those children remained happy in their stay at college.


Introductory session of Infin’IT

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