MS Excel Week for 12-14

MS Excel Week

Day 1: 16th October 2012

Cell formatting

Day 2: 17th October 2012

Paste special followed by a practical test

Day 3: 18th October 2012

Conditional formatting

Day 4: 19th October 2012



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  1. Good session on Excel.

  2. great session i came to know about making chart with the help of conditional formatting which i had never thought of !!

  3. very informative session on excel

  4. kumari sangeeta

    MS Excel session was really good, i came to know there are lots of things to learn in excel only…it will be really useful in coming future wherever we work….!


    knowledgeable session…………………..lot more learning in excel………

  6. Thankful to infinIT for excel session…. i am learning many new things in my lovely excel ….

  7. The most imortant thing to survive in corporate is MS Excel,with the sessions conducted by INFIN’IT i come to learn many stuff about it,now i can say that i’m good in the basics of MS Excel….

  8. Awesome session,
    thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity..

  9. excel is getting easy thanks to Infin IT

  10. It was wonderful. Working on Excel became easy by using shortcuts.
    Look ups, Conditional formatting, functions etc. will be quite useful in future.
    Thanks Infin’IT team.

  11. Good sharing of knowledge

  12. Thank you infin’IT
    These sessions are improving my basic knowledge in excel…….

  13. It was awesome.I am thankful to whole Iifin’IT team for making Excel easy for me.

  14. Ilona Rodrigues

    A heartfelt thanks to the entire Infin’IT team for helping me improve my excel skills and for all the shortcuts. Really Glad you’ll came up with the excel week .!

  15. Thanks for conducting session on excel ,we are learning a lot.

  16. Krishn mani shukla

    this excel session helps me a lot in learning basics.this is really helpful,thanks infin’IT

  17. It is an informative session & i’m learning many things. Thanks to the INFINIT club… 🙂

  18. Very nice session of Quiz and Games, helped to know us better…

  19. Thankful to infinIT for excel session.. These sessions are improving my knowledge in excel.

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