Session on MS Outlook 2010 by Infin’IT

Outlook Session by Infin'IT

Outlook Session by Infin’IT


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  1. It’s really easy to make separate folder for all faculties, so that we can save all mails in respective folders only.

  2. Quit a useful session 🙂

  3. Parijat Bandyopadhyay

    it was truly nice sir….. we njoyed n learnt many new thngs about outlook…. thank u sir….:)

  4. Today’s ms outlook session is very very helpful to me….
    I learn lot of new things which I don’t know.
    I want this kind session more and more…

  5. Am very thankfull to you sirs.. session was very helpfull..thankyou..need a lot more..

  6. sneha chakravorty

    the outlook session was very helpful and looking forward for more such sessions.. 🙂

  7. It was really very interesting and informative. We learnt some unknown things about Ms Outlook 2010. I hope Infin’it will arrange many more such an intresting sessions in future.
    Thank you Prof. Chandra Kant Sir and Seniors.

  8. The sessions were really good for us.I believe it will be very useful for us when we will be working in corporate world.

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