MS Excel session for Batch 11-13

13th April 2012 –  10pm – CR3

It was a fantastic experience sharing our knowlwdge with our own batchmates. It was fantastic time we all spent together. We request all our friends to put your valuable comments to improve the session quality and encourage us to do more and more.


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  1. Prafull Mahavir Chougule

    As we know and truly said by Chandu sir, many Alumni of the !BA that, MS Excel is one of the important computer tool/skill to play with huge unorganized data. It also important for sales analysis. I found so interesting while learning this.
    Awesome work done by Club Infin’IT members. Good keep it up.

  2. session was very useful and practical concept and friendly teaching way ………thax u so much and continue the session

  3. nice one…………. waiting for more

  4. Please give your valuable comments here so that we can improve ourselves………..

  5. AWESOME…………………… session was very useful and practical concept and friendly teaching way…………GREAT JOB, I THINK IT CLUB HAS BECOME BENCHMARK IN IBA.

  6. jaydeep chaurasia

    You infinte guys did great job by taking session for Ms Excel for us. it was very interesting and energetic session for us as you taught us some basic stuff it will really beneficial for us.
    thanks infinite club for you valuable sessions.i don’t have any suggetion for you guys because you have already taken good session for us so keep going on with kind of sessions.

  7. The EXCEL session which was taken by our Batch mates was gr8 & Fab ,I learned a lot and I need more session of Excel…..Infinit club doing good job keep it up!!!!!

  8. Nikhil Sheavaramani

    Thanks to IT Club members for inculcating the art of understanding basics of EXCEL, session helped me in removing the reluctance towards EXCEL as it was highly enthusiastic & an interective session…..
    IT CLUB(11-13) ROCKS……

  9. Kudos to Team Infin’IT..
    Well done..

  10. after IBA what weneed daily, that you are teaching us, plz don’t stop at any cost….

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