The Logo of the club shows a man deep in thought. The posture of the thinking man signifies that he is neither stressing too hard nor is he too relaxed in thought. He is in a state of trance and focused on the point of thought. In short, the logo signifies focus, depth and thirst for knowledge.

The COSMOS (Business Quiz) Club of IBA, Bangalore, encourages the spirit of quizzing and creates a thirst for knowledge. It prepares teams for participation in various competitions

Cosmos (koz?m?s, -mos) n.

  • The world or universe considered as an orderly system.
  • Any orderly and complete system. [Syn. Universe, World]

Future plan of action:-

  1. Launch of the club for 12-14 batch.
  2. Conduct the  annual “Galaxy War” event for 12-14 batch.

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  1. Krushna Subudhi

    Guys where is the Cosmos logo? it is missing…. it took us two complete days (including sleepless nights) to come up with the logo and the message… i wonder if you guys have the intial presentation of COSMOS,, if not get in touch with me,,,

  2. i have kept the logo in site if u dn’t mind give me ur contact details sir …..

  3. Krushna Subudhi

    You can reach me at 9611888664.

  4. COSMOS logo is missing and it is changes….why so??? I guess tradition should continue…
    I was the managing member of cosmos…..let me know if you need the logo. I can mail you.
    I am PASSOUT of 2006-08 batch

  5. Rohit sir could u me please give ur number and my number is 953891909(naveen cosmos secretary

  6. 9538913909

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