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Cosmos farewell party for 10-12 batch in iba

Stars with Super stars(Cosmos farewell party for 10-12 batch in iba)

Handsome faces(Cosmos farewell party for 10-12 batch in iba)



The Logo of the club shows a man deep in thought. The posture of the thinking man signifies that he is neither stressing too hard nor is he too relaxed in thought. He is in a state of trance and focused on the point of thought. In short, the logo signifies focus, depth and thirst for knowledge.

The COSMOS (Business Quiz) Club of IBA, Bangalore, encourages the spirit of quizzing and creates a thirst for knowledge. It prepares teams for participation in various competitions

Cosmos (koz?m?s, -mos) n.

  • The world or universe considered as an orderly system.
  • Any orderly and complete system. [Syn. Universe, World]

Future plan of action:-

  1. Launch of the club for 12-14 batch.
  2. Conduct the  annual “Galaxy War” event for 12-14 batch.

Kalakshetra Video Group G7 Acedia

Kalakshetra Video Group B1 Acedia

Instruction for best management team

Any confusion with regard to best managment team competition, contact Ankur khanna on

Case Study for the Best Management Team

Please find enclosed the case study for the best management team. This is a live case study and apart from the prize money, the company itself is willing to additionally reward the best set of recommendations and offer a summer internship / offer for an interview at the company.

There are two files

The case

The brochure

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